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The Wolfson Medical Center is a tertiary public hospital serving a community of over one million people. The hospital's unique and critical location (between the cities of Jaffa, Southern Tel Aviv, Holon, and Bat Yam) creates a melting pot of cultures and religions. Our community includes some of the most neglected and aging populations in Israel. Throughout the history of The Wolfson Medical Center it has been dedicated to humanitarian projects such as Save a Child's Heart, and training Israel, Palestinian, and international residents from low income countries.


Over the past year, the trauma unit has been developed with the goal of becoming a leader in trauma care, research, and training the next generation of healthcare workers. Within our walls we strive to give the absolute best care to our community, and beyond our walls we want to create and lead programs that advance cooperation and training on both a personal and community level. We believe that fulfilling individual academic goals, forging lasting personal relationships, and providing unique opportunities for our healthcare teams and Palestinian colleagues to work and train together will result in improving our healthcare and trauma system for years to come.


The mission of this project is to promote partnerships and to work together for the common goal of optimizing the acute surgical care of our communities. The programs funded by this project will concentrate on educational and training programs that meet practical needs in the fields of trauma and acute care surgery, while creating paths and opportunities to form relationships between Israeli, Palestinian, and international partners. The positive impact of this work will be measured by the improvements in healthcare, together with the advancement of cooperation and partnership between dedicated colleagues for generations. 


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