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Advanced Trauma Life Support - ATLS Courses 

The Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) course, an internationally recognized training course adopted by over 80 countries, provides an essential foundation for trauma care. Not only is it proven to increase survival of trauma victims, it is also a required medical qualification that is a prerequisite for most international fellowship/residency programs and jobs.


In this project, we aim to provide Palestinian and Israeli medical professionals with an easily accessible, and fully funded, certified ATLS course. The outcome of this project will directly improve the care of trauma patients, give the participants the tools to train their local colleagues in basic trauma care, while providing them the certification needed in order to be stronger and eligible candidates for professional advancement. 


The two-day course will accommodate 10 Palestinian and 10 Israeli surgical residents, delivered in English. It will give Palestinian and Israeli colleagues the opportunity to share this experience, and the foundation to build life-long personal, professional and collective relationships. Beyond ATLS and the care of trauma patients, this project aims to build a community of ATLS/trauma care providers in the region who have personal relationships, shared experiences, and a common passion to improve the region's trauma care.


Joint Israeli - Palestinian Research

Evidence based research is crucial for the advancement of surgery and the ability to give the highest level of care to our community. Our goal is to promote joint research projects focusing on equalities in trauma care, basic ‘bench’ science projects related to trauma, and clinical studies based on the patient populations in our Israeli and Palestinian communities.

Critical Care & Emergent Ultrasound Course
In Partnership with the Society of Critical Care Medicine 

With great honor, Direct Relief has provided the opportunity for Operating Together to partner with the Society of Critical Care Medicine in providing intensive Ultrasound Courses taught by true leaders in the field from the United States and locally. We will add to our regional team, or regional partners who are all dedicated towards helping others and optimizing regional trauma care. There will be a 2-day course followed by a 1-day advanced course at the Wolfson Medical Center. For more information contact Space is limited. 

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